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The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship (AQF) is Awarded to California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) Alum

What happens when a high school artist has learning experiences that build one on top of another? A pipeline to a career in the arts begins. In 2013 Erin Stoodley was a high school sophomore and attended the CSSSA in Creative Writing. Through that connection Erin, now a senior, has been selected to receive the 2016 Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship. Like pearls on a necklace, a foundation for a career in the arts was made.

The AQF Scholarship Program is the signature initiative of the Anthony Quinn Foundation and was established to help young high school-aged artists – of all creative disciplines – attend intensive summer arts programs.

Ten students have been selected by a panel of judges from among hundreds of applicants hailing from around the globe.

Celebrated actor and accomplished painter and sculptor Anthony Quin believed that his early exposure to creative expression—his parents’ artistic ingenuity and aesthetic integrity—gave him the foundation upon which he built his career. Through his acting and his artwork, he was able to communicate his love for all of humanity—irrespective of linguistic, cultural, or religious differences. He believed the arts were a universal language. Katherine Quinn, Founder and President of the Anthony Quinn Foundation believes that

“Creativity is not just genetic. Creativity can and should be taught — and nurtured throughout one’s life. The arts uniquely open avenues of learning and understanding.”


Stoodley+Erin+Stoodley,+PhotoErin Stoodley is from Ventura, CA and will be attending The Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop through her scholarship.

Think it can’t happen for you? Here’s what you need to know:

The AQF Scholarship Program is for young adults in high school who demonstrate exceptional talent and dedication with a strong commitment to personal artistic growth and who will benefit from financial support.

The Foundation makes an effort to distribute the funds evenly across the fields of focus: Visual Arts & Design, Dance, Theatre, Singing, Instrumental, Media Arts, and Literary Arts.

Scholarships are awarded competitively. Applications are reviewed by a panel of judges in order to select scholarship recipients. Judges are practicing artists, arts educators, and experts in the various fields of focus, completely independent from the Foundation’s Board/staff, and geographically dispersed throughout the United States.

The annual application period typically opens mid-October. The applicant must provide a nominator, and a recommender (a teacher, advisor, or other adult outside the applicant’s family) and parent/guardian form the end of November along with:

  • A completed application
  • Personal statement
  • Work samples must be submitted by the deadline in early January.

1423617116677Now go build your pipeline!








California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) Bridge To College
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