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8 Best Halloween Costumes for Art Majors

Samantha Jacobs Visual Arts

All Hallow’s Eve should be renamed All Artist’s Eve. Halloween, a holiday known for spooky themes and tricks and treats is also the perfect time to showcase artistic ability. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to decorate your houses or to carve some creative pumpkins, but there is also the opportunity to transform yourself into whatever you want. You can …

Along The Way – Amanda Kopcsak

Steve O'Bryan Artist Profiles

Amanda Kopcsak – Musician and Music Educator, Wilson Middle School, Glendale, CA Photo by Steve O’Bryan The most powerful things I’ve learned along the way: • To never give up on your dreams and passion. • Success is based off of how hard you work. Always take ownership of all that you do, and if you do not get what …

My Long and Winding Road to Music College

Avila Santo Artist Profiles, Beyond, Career Advice, College, Conservatory, Music, Music

As a recent music college graduate, I have found myself re-evaluating my transition from high school to college and the events that led me to pursue a life in music. Looking back, I could never have seen where this long and winding road would take me. My choice to go to music college literally changed the direction of my life …