Have you ever thought about being a short form filmmaker?

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by Christine Griswold A few moments with R&D’s Raquel Elfassi “Somebody who’s passionate about what they’re doing gets my passion going. So I love to help them find their dream.” As the morning fog gives way to another golden day in Southern California, Raquel Elfassi enters the room with casual hipness and charm. After having worked with numerous production companies …

Want to Get a Life in the Arts? 7 Things You Need Now

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The Armory Relaunches Get a Life in the Arts by Janine Christiano Every artist has particular tools they use to create their art and express themselves…pencils, brushes, a laptop, pedals, bows, etc. There are also personal, behavioral tools that every young artist should start to acquire if they want a successful career in the arts. Here they are in no …

Along The Way - Artzray

Along the Way – Artist & Art Teacher Robert Moya

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“Art can be anything you want it to be.” Robert Moya What was your first job? My first job was at a restaurant called Mrs. Robinson’s on the rural Eastern Shore of Maryland. A bunch of us teenagers basically ran the place while the owner/manager checked in on us once in a while (that was fun!) I saved up my …

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 - Craig Kellman - Character Designer

Emmy and Annie Award Nominee Craig Kellman, Character Designer

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by Christine Griswold “Draw all the time. Draw constantly.” Craig Kellman If you’ve been watching animated movies, TV shows or music videos over the past 25 years, chances are pretty high that you’ve seen some of Craig Kellman’s work. He doesn’t have a blog or a website (although his work can be found on others’); much of his work never …

Top 12 Music Venues for ArtNight Pasadena!

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The Artzray staff pick 12 of our favorite musical performances for the upcoming ArtNight Pasadena. ArtNight Pasadena is a great example of how one city can get behind it’s cultural and artistic roots to make a special evening for the whole community. While many of the cultural organizations involved will host art exhibits (and they really are fantastic!) the Artzray …