Back to School After Your First Real Job

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12 Back To School Tips

1. Keep contacts
2. Remember the drive you had
3. You’ve acted like an adult before, you can do it again (if needed)
4. Unwind and have fun – you’ve earned it
5. But don’t get lazy – keep your presence up in the professional world
6. You already have accomplishments to put on your resume – also focus on activities that you do like over ones that will pad your resume
7. Network while your working experience is fresh
8. Put some money in savings
9. Keep some business-professional attire at school
10. Keep your LinkedIn/resume updated
11. Get to know your professors – they’re like your bosses who can introduce you to future bosses
12. Arrange regular meetings with your advisors

Typically at some point in your college career, you will have to accept the bittersweet fact that summer is more tiring and stressful than the school year. During the school year of course there is homework, studying, midterms, etc., but there are also friends, social events, and the joy of living in the “college bubble.” This “bubble” consists of the world where real-life responsibilities, like having a full-time job to pay the bills and taxes, are right around the corner, but for the time being, it is socially acceptable to put playing hard over working hard… sometimes.

The summer is a time when internships and jobs give college students a taste of the real world. You work nine to five, there’s a good chance you’re unpaid and you’re missing the excitement of the school year. Well, now that summer is winding down, the transition back into the college sphere may be difficult. For instance, you might no longer want to live in your college dorm, and would want to move into some apartment rentals, like the ones you would find in websites similar to But, keep in mind that all these are normal, and mostly everyone would have to face these changes.

However, there are ways to make it easier. Perhaps you could start by getting ready for college. This might mean that you need to go and purchase some new equipment and clothing. Luckily, people can just purchase these sorts of items from Kohl’s department store, for example. There should be a good range of college supplies there. You could also consider visiting Raise too. There could be discounts and offers there, so you should ensure that you try to save money on these supplies. Once you’ve found all of the supplies that you need, you could then start sorting out your schedule. By doing little tasks like these, you can make it easier to get back into the swing of college.

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