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Knock, knock. Who’s there? The holidays! The time for turkeys, menorahs, and Christmas trees is upon us, and while the holidays are first and foremost about family and love, the material side is still very prominent. If you can’t find anything on Etsy, here are some suggestions for the perfect gifts for artists in your life to give them something spectacular this holiday season.

Concert Tickets (Photo credit: Jeff Sheldon)

Maybe their favorite band is coming to town, or maybe they’ve never been to the Hollywood Bowl or maybe they just really are into live music – no matter the motivation, concert tickets are a great gift idea for artists. You don’t have to be the reincarnation of Mozart to appreciate live music; whether your intended gift recipient is a talented musician themselves, or just an aficionado, concerts make lovely presents.

Your Favorite Book

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Literature is an art. There is something very intimate and special about sharing your favorite book with someone. Whether it’s a classic or something new, the holidays are a good time to spread reading material. Poetry, novels or maybe even picture books – if there’s a sentimental, heartfelt meaning behind it, gifting someone your favorite book will not disappoint.

Jewelry/Jewelry Box (Photo credit: Viktor Hanacek)

Jewelry is considered by many to be a way of expressing yourself via wearable art. For males or females,  subtle or loud, jewelry can be a way to model art in a very individual way. So it makes a wonderful gift. If you see a necklace, bracelet, pair of earrings, etc. that really strikes you as something that your artist friend may like, it could be the perfect gift. And what does one keep jewelry in? A jewelry box of course. These can be very beautifully artistic and unique, and could be the perfect holiday present.

Art Supplies (Photo credit: Jeff Sheldon)

Art supplies would be a fun and appreciated necessity for many artists. Brushes, easels, paints, microphones, batteries – the list will of course vary depending on what type of art(s) your loved one(s) are involved with. Whether they do art for leisure and recreation, or whether it is their profession, art tools will be a very valuable gift. Maybe they’ll even make you something using the supplies as a form of saying thank you.

Photo Albums/Frames (Photo credit: Mia Domenico)

Picture albums and frames are great two-in-one gifts. One on hand, you’re giving someone a gift to spark a happy and/or significant memory, and on the other hand you’re also allowing for boundless creativity. You could decorate the album or frame yourself based off a theme or just basic artistic ability, or you can leave it to the artistic recipient if you think they would enjoy the DIY element.

Museum Membership

Photo Credit: Gratisography

Almost every city in the country has some type of art museum or cultural organization. Most, if not all, offer reasonably priced memberships that include free admission, discounts at their store (also a good source to buy gifts for artists), special events and exhibit openings for members. A gift membership for your artist friend or family member shows you “get” their arty side and better yet, maybe they will take you along next time they visit. A good win/win.

Starbucks Gift Card (Photo credit: Carli Jean)

What artist doesn’t love a Pumpkin Spice Latte or Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino? Enough said.

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