A Career in the Arts is a Tapestry – Choreographer Kate Hutter

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Kate Hutter is co-founder of the L.A. Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) and was Artistic Director from 2005 – 2015. She holds a BFA in Theatrical Design from University of Southern California and an MFA in Dance/Choreography from Purchase College, SUNY and has presented her choreography at prestigious venues throughout L.A. including the Broad Stage, Celebrate Dance at the Alex Theater, …

How to Launch Your Creative Project Now

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Actor and director Charlie Kennedy shares his tips for turning your dream creative project into a reality. One of my favorite college professors said: “why make something easy, when it can be fun?” That’s a pretty good description of the spirit in which any creative project is done. Now that I’m out of college, I know first hand that getting …

5 Things to Never Say to Your Bandmates: Tips for Playing in a Band

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Being in a band can be tough. Learning how to work well with your bandmates is essential. Getting better as a group, from recording to playing live to writing songs, takes patience and time. After playing in a regularly gig-ing band for three years, my bandmates and I learned how to work together effectively, and naturally, we learned some things …

5 Surprising Facts About Voice Over Acting

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Breaking into voice over acting can be tough. Benita Scheckel shares a few surprising tips for working in this competitive field. 1. Less is more. The days of an actor being coveted for his or her ability to perform 20-30 wacky voices, in Looney Toons fashion, are mostly gone. Animation and commercial copy writers, more often than not, are asking …

4 Things to Know About Marketing Your Band

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The New Rockwells share four things they have learned about effectively marketing your band. This article is being published in partnership with Soundfly  in celebration of #BetterBand week! Friends from college, musicians, composers and now out in the world making their way, with their indie-rock band The New Rockwells, Ben Muller and Marty Boyle got together and drilled down their list:

New York Survival Guide for Artists

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Featured photo by www.platux.com Artists are always on a budget. New York City is a magnet for artists. Here is a New York Survival Guide for creative types who want to stretch a dollar. Whether you’ve seen the Big Apple through the eyes of Woody Allen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lena Dunham or Jerry Seinfeld, New York is the place of …

5 Things to Do Before You Shop Your Screenplay

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So you wanna write a screenplay. We’re not going to tell you to rewrite it and make it the best story you can. We’re assuming you already know that and will do it. These are practical points from story analysts who have read thousands of scripts . . . each. Story analysts (casually called “readers”) are employed by studios and …

Off the Beaten Path – Creating Video Game Trailers

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What do Microsoft Xbox, EA, Disney Interactive, Yahoo, Mattel, and Zynga have in common? They all share a place on the impressive client list held by Ayzenberg, a full-service advertising agency with a distinctly social and agile approach. You’ve seen its award-winning ads in game trailers, TV and online advertisements, on phones – basically on any digital device and platform. …

London for Artists on 5 Pounds a Day

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The Lonely Londoner’s Arts & Culture Guide – London for Artists – Part 3 Let’s face it, for every artist living it up in London or in any big city, there is always the dilemma of bright lights versus small budget. How do you satisfy your artistic appetite when confronted with a limited budget? For playwrights, you want live theatrical …