Arts Internships – Artist Profile with Seven Bowles

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Get a Life in the Arts with Internships Seven Bowles is a digital artist and high school senior from Ohio who currently attends the Linworth Alternative Program. Seven has taken part in numerous art internships hosted by the Linworth Alternative High school such as Independent Costume Design, Primary Art Education, and currently with the Armory Center of the Arts. She …

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 - Craig Kellman - Character Designer

Emmy and Annie Award Nominee Craig Kellman, Character Designer

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by Christine Griswold “Draw all the time. Draw constantly.” Craig Kellman If you’ve been watching animated movies, TV shows or music videos over the past 25 years, chances are pretty high that you’ve seen some of Craig Kellman’s work. He doesn’t have a blog or a website (although his work can be found on others’); much of his work never …

Who Wants A Career in Animation?

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Artzray Q & A – Associate Professor Sharon Sussman is a digital artist and animator who worked at DreamWorks Feature Animation. She teaches digital arts and animation in Hawaii. Ms Sussman shares some valuable insights into the field of animation. Chasing Paradise, was written and created by the New Media Arts Animation student cohort of 2013 and took First Place for …