Awesome Artist Holiday Gifts From Design Studio Press

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Special Artzray Discount Offer – Save 20% on Design Studio Press purchases. “Our mission is to feature and partner directly with artists.” If you want to improve your skills and learn about drawing, illustration, concept art, mech, character and transportation design, sci-fi and fantasy – Design Studio Press has it all with over 70 titles to choose from, plus prints and …

The Line Art Challenge – Alex Negrea

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Creativity has no boundaries, geographic or otherwise, which is what the 15 international artists of The Line Art Challenge, set out to prove when they embarked on an artistic feat to each produce 100 sketches in 100 days. Based in 11 different countries, the artists used modern communication methods to share their work and motivate and inspire each other across …

Planning Your Art Portfolio – It’s Never Too Early

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Art Portfolio. The words alone sound intimidating. And they should, it’s one of those make or break parts of your college application. So when building yours, make sure it clearly represents your skills, passions, and your singular perspective. To do so requires creating, planning, and research. No pressure. Here’s how to get started:

Walt Disney Birthplace in Chicago Celebrates Creativity

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Help Restore Walt Disney Birthplace Home while Celebrating and Encouraging Creativity and Innovation. Join in the Walt Disney Birthplace Indiegogo Campaign. Award-winning Themed Entertainment innovators Dina Benadon and Brent Young of Super 78 Studios celebrate and awaken creativity in others by restoring the home where Walt Disney was born, and establishing The Center for Early Childhood Creativity and Innovation (CECCI) …

How Linda Borgeson Finds Creativity in Post Production

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Linda Borgeson (Senior Vice President of Feature Post Production at the Walt Disney Studios) has worked on over 200 films in her 25+ years in the film business. Linda spoke with Artzray to help demystify the world of post production, highlighting why it is important for young filmmakers to understand and embrace this integral part of filmmaking. Post-production sits at …

Carlos Nieto III – Mixing Art, Culture and Day of the Dead

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Carlos Nieto III finds beauty in Day of the Dead celebrations. As the fall arrives, chances are good that you will see Dia de los Muertos celebrations popping up around your community. From dancing to face painting to sugar skull candies, the tradition has its roots in ancient Aztec rituals and starts on the first of November corresponding with All …

5 Things to Know if You Want to Make Comic Books

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So you want to make comic books? Writer Shea Fontana and artist and colorist Monica Kubina, two of the creative team behind the DC Superhero Girls Finals Crisis Graphic Novel, recently converged at Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks for a meeting of S.C.R.A.W.L. (Secret Comic Readers and Writers League) to answer questions and sign copies of the comic book for …

5 Quotes for Surviving a Fulfilling Lifetime of Creativity by Marco Menendez

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Marco Menendez for “Along The Way” a series about working artists. 1. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” –Mark Twain Let’s get this one out of the way. Discouraging individuals spend a lot of time standing still in their own toxic atmosphere when they could very well …