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How can you practice more effectively when playing an instrument? Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Do you find yourself practicing a lot, but not getting any better? Ask TVK!

10015657_276470725846417_2188335130765296957_n Alexander Forde is ThatViolaKid, aka, TVK. Drew and Artzray are collaborating to try and answer a bunch of questions that he and other young artists get asked all the time. That’s how this series “Ask TVK” was born.

Drew is living his life as a musician and pursuing a graduate degree at Juilliard. He wants to reach out to other young artists who are working through these same questions, one week, one question at a time.

This week Drew addresses the common struggle of finding an easier but more beneficial way to practice that all young musicians face as they’re gearing up for a rehearsal or for a performance.

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“It doesn’t matter what your motivation is, but remember why you need to practice and why practicing is good for you.”

Drew knows how to hone his skills when it comes to practicing. This can be applied to musicians and non-musicians alike. With his easy and helpful tips, Drew can guide you how to get better results to prepare you for any live performance. When you’re practicing, that’s when you’re most focused to take on your most difficult section of music that you have. Or if you suddenly feel overwhelmed by all of the music that you need to polish, breaking up your practice sessions into smaller pieces can improve your concentration. As Drew says, “the key to practicing is working smarter, not harder.”

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