Kadenze and Artzray Host Twitter Chat on Future of Arts Education

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What’s the future of arts education? Recently, Kadenze  and Artzray banded together for their first-ever Twitter chat to discuss the topic using the hashtag #FutureofArtsEd. We were joined by an exceptional panel of moderators  with the intent of sparking a conversation about the future of creative education. This chat fortunately exceeded expectations, so much that the #FutureofArtsEd started trending while the discussion was happening. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of everything that went down.

Q1: In your opinion, what’s the future of creative education?




Q2: How can the 21st century bring art into everything we do? #FutureofArtsEd




Q3: How has technology impacted the current state of creative education? #FutureofArtsEd




Q4: What new teaching models and trends in art education are on the horizon? #FutureofArtsEd




Q5: What will creative education look like in 10, 15, 20 years? #FutureofArtsEd




Q6: How will K-12 arts education need to adapt? #FutureofArtsEd




Q7: Will technology drive equity and access to arts learning? #FutureofArtsEd

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Q8: How will the pipeline to arts careers and the creative economy be developed? #FutureofArtsEd

A8-1 A8-2 A8-3We’d like to give a huge shout-out to all of our moderators who helped make this happen!

Ajay Kapur, President & CEO of Kadenze, Associate Dean for R&D in digital arts, at California Institute of the Arts –@Ajay_Kapur

Perry Cook, Co-founder and Executive VP of Kadenze, professor (emeritus) at Princeton University –@HumbugSonicArts

Owen Vallis, Vice President of research and data analysis at Kadenze, professor at California Institute of the Arts –@OwenVallis

Marshall Ayers, Founder & CEO of Artzray – @Artzray and @ayersmarshall

Ian Temple, Founder & CEO of Soundfly – @ianrtemple

Zoe Young, Editor-in-Chief at Soundfly – @learntosoundfly

Amy Bond, professor at OTIS College of Art and Design – @otiscollegebond

Priya Shekar, Program Director at Real Industry – @th3freq

Janine Christiano, Special Projects Manager at Armory Center of the Arts – @J9Christiano and @armoryarts

Jordan Hochenbaum, Chief Creative Officer and Vice President of engineering at Kadenze, professor at California Institute of the Arts – @Jnatanh

Parag Mital, Director of Machine Intelligence at Kadenze – @pkmital

Harmony Jiroudek, Director of Academic Customer Relations, and instructional designer/producer at Kadenze –@harmonyjiroudek

What’s your opinion on the future of creative education? There’s no right or wrong answer, because we won’t know until the future gets here! What we CAN say, is that we at Kadenze are doing our part to contribute to it.

We’ll be hosting another Twitter chat with Artzray in the near future. Stay tuned for more details!

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