3 Audition Tips from the Spotlight Program

Jeri Gaile Career Advice, Performing Arts, Student Resources

“Hey, have you heard about The Music Center’s Spotlight Program? You should audition for that! High school students can win scholarships for college.”

“Who me? No way, I’m not good enough for that! Auditions sound scary.”

But then that little voice in the back of your head says “Well, maybe I could try…” So if you decide to go for it (and you should!) here are 3 audition tips for performing artists that we’ve learned from watching hundreds of auditions over the years.  But remember, the SPOTLIGHT 2016 applications are now open and the deadline is October 19 so get to work!

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The Life and Times of Composer David O

Jacqueline Bacino Artist Profiles, Career Advice, Music, Performing Arts

David O is a composer and musical director primarily based in the U.S. He is also a warm, funny and generous artist who has a lot to share when it comes to how he made a successful career happen.

david o photo on artzray website

David O

David wasn’t always an aspiring musician. “I got the theater bug in high school,” he told me from New York during our Skype interview. But before that, David was raised on music as a young child. “Our coloring books were music books.” His parents were performers on the weekends, traveling around singing music, directing church choirs on the weekend, only to return to their regular jobs during the week. Read More

Phoebe Bridgers – Tips of The Trade

Steve O'Bryan Artist Profiles, Career Advice

artzray trailer for stories from the streamPhoebe Bridgers: Tips of The Trade

Singer, songwriter Phoebe Bridgers discusses Tips of The Trade. Learn how Phoebe has grown as an artist with both commercial and critical success, hear the best advice she ever received, and how she has been able to build on local gigs and social media to spread the word about her music. Our Artzray Host Marisa Reisel interviews Phoebe as she shares her education, training and what motivates her to be the best musician she can be and to play music every day. Busy songwriting and performing, Phoebe offers advice to other aspiring young musicians.

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4 Things To Do Before You Study Abroad

Jacqueline Abelson Career Advice, Opportunities, Student Resources

The Lonely Londoner’s Arts & Culture Guide to Study Abroad, Part 1

So you’ve decided to study abroad. Congratulations! Now what?

I’m a writer headed for London to study abroad for a year (woo hoo!) and will be posting a series of articles on the arts and culture scene for Artzray, but I’ll also be sharing practical tips about the study abroad experience as a whole. Although it’s been fun spending my summer at home practicing my British accent and plotting my genius plan of tricking Prince Harry into marrying me, there are some technical nitty-gritty things to take care of here in the states before you jet off on your study abroad adventures.

Here are four really important steps to follow before you leave the U.S.:

1) Check Your Finances


Make sure you have all of your finances taken care of before you leave. This includes doing research on how you’re going to maintain and organize your finances while you’re abroad.

One important thing to do is to figure out if you are paying through the school or directly to the school that you’ve planned to study at. For example, I didn’t pay my home university’s regular tuition fee (Mount Holyoke) because I applied directly to my school in London (King’s College). Therefore, I had to pay King’s College’s tuition fee, since the program that I selected was straight through King’s College and NOT through Mount Holyoke. But sometimes, the school you’ll be attending abroad will be through your home university. If that’s the case and the program that you’re applying to is directly through your school in the states, then most likely, you would pay your home university’s regular tuition fee and not the tuition fee at your institution abroad. It is crucial that you verify the details on which tuition fees you pay to go abroad.

Make sure that your bank knows that you won’t be in the country for an extended period of time. This prevents them from freezing your account when they see that someone (whom they wrongly assumes isn’t you) is traveling around London with your card. To prevent this, you must open a bank account overseas.

FINAL TIP: Carry at least $300 in foreign currency on you when you head abroad. Use it for emergencies and basic costs like food and other necessities that you’ll need when you touch down in your destination.
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Behind the Scenes with an AP Art Judge

Sylvie Ramirez Career Advice, Student Resources, Visual Arts

Photo by nickolouse13 for the article Behind the Scenes of AP Art on Artzray.comPhoto Credit nickolouse13

Behind the Scenes of AP Art

“I liked grading the AP because I got a broad overview of what’s going on in the country… it puts what I do in perspective” says Barbara Thomason, a Los Angeles based artist, educator and former judge of the Advanced Placement Art Portfolio. Barbara was a master printer at Gemini G.E.L. where she worked with influential artists including Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, Frank Stella, and David Hockney. Barbara has taught in the art departments at UCSC, Cal Poly Pomona, Otis College, and The University of Redlands. As a former student of AP Art, I was eager to get a behind-the-scenes look at the review process and a few tips from a judge’s perspective.

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Back to School After Your First Real Job

Samantha Jacobs Career Advice, Student Resources

Chris Metcalf Photo of a Dorm Room

Photo Credit: Chris Metcalf

12 Back To School Tips

1. Keep contacts
2. Remember the drive you had
3. You’ve acted like an adult before, you can do it again (if needed)
4. Unwind and have fun – you’ve earned it
5. But don’t get lazy – keep your presence up in the professional world
6. You already have accomplishments to put on your resume – also focus on activities that you do like over ones that will pad your resume
7. Network while your working experience is fresh
8. Put some money in savings
9. Keep some business-professional attire at school
10. Keep your LinkedIn/resume updated
11. Get to know your professors – they’re like your bosses who can introduce you to future bosses
12. Arrange regular meetings with your advisors

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Oscar Magallanes Interview – Stories from the Stream

Marshall Ayers Artist Profiles, Career Advice, Visual Arts

artzray trailer for stories from the stream

Oscar Magallanes “You have to find your way.”

Artzray Host, Marisa Reisel launchs our series Stories From The Stream with an interview with artist Oscar Magallanes. This series of short, casual videos are shot on locations around Southern California in our ’93 Sovereign Airstream where we have conversations with artists about their work. Our first interview is with Oscar, a mid-career visual artist who shares his approach to art, how he became an artist, and what inspires and influences his work. Join Oscar and Marisa as they chat at Oscar’s studio in Lincoln Heights, CA next to the tracks of the Metro Gold Line.

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