What do UCLA and The Simpsons Have in Common? Chuck Sheetz

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Emmy Award-winning Director of The Simpsons and UCLA Theater Film and Television Professor Chuck Sheetz gives advice on “How to get into Film School” (and a few other things.) Full disclosure, I had the privilege of working with Chuck Sheetz over a number of seasons on The Simpsons, and for a bit of time on Disney’s Recess. Among the things …

3 Reasons Songwriters Should NOT Quit Their Day Job

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This article is being published jointly on Artzray and Soundfly  in celebration of #SongwritingWeek! By Alan Semerdjian, featured photo by Kenny Janosick There’s this idea out in the world that unless we’re working as songwriters and doing music full-time — music solely — we’ve somehow failed or compromised our integrity as artists. I’ve come to understand this notion as flawed thinking.

5 Things to Do Before You Shop Your Screenplay

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So you wanna write a screenplay. We’re not going to tell you to rewrite it and make it the best story you can. We’re assuming you already know that and will do it. These are practical points from story analysts who have read thousands of scripts . . . each. Story analysts (casually called “readers”) are employed by studios and …

CSSSA People Mollie Luria-Roberson

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Mollie Luria-Roberson attended the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) Animation program in 2009 when she was a junior in high school. She was thrilled to finally surround herself with like-minded artists. When she came home and began her senior year, she carefully prepared a portfolio that positioned her as a competitive candidate for an arts school. “It’s …

Daydreaming With Indie Folk Singer Juliet Piper

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Juliet Piper was destined to become a musician. Born into a musical family in Los Angeles, Juliet has been writing songs, singing and playing instruments including guitar and piano for as long as she could remember. In 2009, Juliet released 5 acclaimed EPs, then in 2010 she received her first major radio support from Rodney Bingenheimer at KROQ and Jim Nelson …