How do I submit an article for Artzray?

Contact us at [email protected] and tell us who you are and your story idea and we will get back to you. We are open to submissions from all ages and arts disciplines, but especially like to work with young creatives.

Is Artzray only about Los Angeles artists?

No, but we live here and started the site in LA and most of our friends and artists we know are in the area so that is why you might notice a focus is on Southern California. We hope that people from all around the country will get involved, so if you live out of the area, write to us and let us know what type of stories you would like to see.

Will you offer galleries for me to show my artwork?

There are plenty of other websites that will allow you to showcase your body of work (think 500px, Flickr, Facebook, myspace, etc). Artzray is an e-zine intended to spotlight artists of all genres, arts organizations and educational institutions, as well as creative industries, with articles that will explore arts careers, training and practical information. These stories will inspire our readers and give them first-hand knowledge to help them move forward with a career in the arts.

Will you post job opportunities?

That’s our plan! However, like everything else that matters in life, it takes time to build the resources that will allow us to do this. Let us know if you want to help!

Will you share student scholarship opportunities for arts schools?

Same as above – sharing arts scholarship information is high on our radar, and sounds like a great idea for a piece of sponsored content for schools to tell our readers about! Artzray will be a great place to recruit for young talent, and to provide application and scholarship information for potential students. The more information we can provide to our readers about training and navigating a career in the arts the happier we are!

I’m a visual artist (or a musician, or a dancer, etc.) and just want to know about that, so why are you mixing up stories about all different art forms?

We just think it makes life more interesting. Basically there are many ways to connect with people both in and out of your particular art form and you never know where the next job or educational opportunity might come from. There are also universal lessons to be learned from how people navigate their work and cross-disciplinary studies are more and more common in the field. Artzray is a broad based arts community that is inclusive rather than exclusive.

I’m a gallery owner and I want you to highlight an artist that I represent. What do I do?

That’s awesome! We love artists! Artist interviews are perfect for either a story or sponsored piece. Contact us so we can go over the details together.

How do you decide what to spotlight on Artzray?

We utilize an editorial planning calendar and have articles written that fit our mission and our weekly posting schedule. We do our best to not only serve a balanced meal of all the arts, but also what we think is important, topical and relevant to our target audience.

How do I get to be featured in Artzray?

Drop us a line! Be sure to share a sample of your work and tell us why you should be on Artzray.

We are a non profit arts organization can you make a video about us for free?

Not if you are using that video as a promotion for your organization, event or programs. That would be a sponsored piece at our non-profit rate.  We may however want to collaborate with you on an Artzray article or video that would provide value to your organization, as well as to our readers. That’s a classic win, win situation! Contact us and let’s talk about how we can work together!

Are you just getting rich off the backs of starving artists and young writers?

Nope. In truth, we are trying our very best to help young people build successful careers in the arts so that they don’t starve. Nobody’s getting rich here which is why we formed our business as a SPC (Social Purpose Corporation) that allows our mission of providing arts education to be our primary goal, along with supporting our bottom line. Artists are tired of being asked to work for free, but Artzray was formed in the belief that “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

I need to sell my guitar. Will you post an ad on Artzray for me?

No. Perhaps you want to try Craigslist?

I’m studying journalism (or public relations, or marketing, or business) but I’m interested in the arts. Can I write for Artzray?

By all means! Careers in the arts are entrepreneurial by nature and require a very diverse skill set so you definitely have a voice at the table. Contact us at [email protected]

How did you come up with the name Artzray and what does it mean?

Glad you asked! Choosing a name is a personal, quirky business and many domain names with the word “art” are already taken. Since Artzray showcases many different art forms we knew we wanted to use the plural “arts” in our name and using a “z” is just cooler than an “s”. The word “ray” has many associations, but the first thing that came to mind was from “x-ray”. A test designed to see straight through clothing, flesh and metal to reveal the inside of something. “Ray” can also conjure up “ray of light”. A light that shines on something unseen, or a ray of light that shoots out into the dark, the same way artists often use a single light source to focus the eye. So now you know. We mashed up all these ideas together and got ARTZRAY!



Marshall Ayers
Arts education specialist with 25+ years experience in non-profit organizations and public educational settings. Marshall founded Artzray to create a community of young, multidisciplinary artists who are seeking professional, practical and personal career resources. Marshall lives and works in LA with her family, but hails from the east coast. When she's not working on Artzray, she would rather be sailing, reading or listening to her son play cello.
Marshall Ayers

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