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Get a Life in the Arts with Internships

Seven Bowles is a digital artist and high school senior from Ohio who currently attends the Linworth Alternative Program. Seven has taken part in numerous art internships hosted by the Linworth Alternative High school such as Independent Costume Design, Primary Art Education, and currently with the Armory Center of the Arts. She has been accepted into the School of Art Institute of Chicago to earn her degree in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Art Education. As the co-creator of the Linworth Community Garden, Seven has donated over 35 pounds of organic whole produce to the Worthington Food Pantry. She is an advocate for many social and political causes in her local community.

This article is part of a monthly series called “Get a Life in the Arts” by the Armory Center for the Arts.

Armory Intern Seven Bowles

Seven Bowles at the Armory.

Where are you from?

Originally I’m from Fajardo, Puerto Rico but I have been living in Columbus, Ohio. I am currently participating in an internship program hosted by the Linworth Alternative School called Walkabout, where all seniors spend the last half of their year working in field they find themselves passionate about.

What type of work do you do?

Digital art has always been my forte, I’ve been working digitally since I got my first drawing tablet on my tenth birthday. I have been very interested in cartoons ever since I started watching shows like Rugrats and Samurai Jack. I see myself working conceptually building interesting characters and new environments for cartoons, teaching the audience important life lessons through the art of story.

Artist Seven Bowles

How did you get your start as an artist?

I’ve been drawing ever since I was able to hold a crayon correctly, and over time I’ve defined myself as an artist through continuous practice. I was very shy about my artwork until I had entered high school, where I was able to develop my skills in studio classes and showcase my work to the public. I have continued to post my artwork online, always forming new concentrations to focus my work around.

Who, or what are your major influences?

I have always been very fond of Rebecca Sugar’s contributions to the cartoon community. Her characters have always taught the audience life lessons through personal flaws, such as her show Steven Universe that provides evidence that even the strongest of characters can be shown to have vulnerability. Through her work she has taught me to create characters with multi-faceted personalities that struggle with flaws in their personality, to show people as they really are rather than a common TV trope.

Seven Bowles Aritst

“This internship has allowed me to prepare myself for future positions in the arts.”

What’s it like being an intern? Unexpected Challenges? Unexpected benefits?

Although it’s only been a few weeks, being an intern at the Armory Center of the Arts in Pasadena, California has been wonderful. What’s great about being an intern is that you get to learn about a field you’re passionate about, and you’re able to help people with work that would normally keep them from more important tasks. Being an intern is a mutual benefit for the placement and the intern, little tasks may seem repetitive but they are actually really important to the company. I’ve enjoyed learning about various departments in the Armory, it has allowed me to test the waters in what I really want to do in life. Since I’m new around the Armory the only concern I’ve had is not knowing where anything is, but I’m glad to have such friendly co-workers. Everyone here has been really helpful and I’ve been more than happy to help them in return. This internship has allowed me to prepare myself for future positions in the arts. I would definitely come back to intern again in the future.

Follow Seven on Illustrations by Seven Bury.

Seven Bowles Artist

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