5 Things To Do If You Get Rejected From Art School

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Didn’t get into your dream art school? Making a college decision by May 1? You need this now! by Elaine Pelz Applying to art school is simultaneously thrilling and nerve-wracking. Then the emails, texts, and letters arrive. Some offer great news (congratulations!!), and others not so much. Most likely you will get rejected from at least one place you had …

Just Leave Me Alone It’s Winter Break!

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A Winter Break To-Do List for High School Visual Artists. Here’s a December dilemma: Winter break is just around the corner. That long-awaited time to relax is almost here. Ideally you can sleep in, hang out with friends, spend time shopping, or just chill to Adele’s latest. Time for a well deserved respite from your responsibilities, right? Yes, and no. …

6 Back To School Tips For High School Artists

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August means back to school and getting caught up with friends you’ve missed over the summer. If you are an artist it’s also about early morning studio classes and building your portfolio, in addition to the tests and homework. Instead of looking ahead with dread, consider making a plan to ensure you have the future you want and get the …

Planning Your Art Portfolio – It’s Never Too Early

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Art Portfolio. The words alone sound intimidating. And they should, it’s one of those make or break parts of your college application. So when building yours, make sure it clearly represents your skills, passions, and your singular perspective. To do so requires creating, planning, and research. No pressure. Here’s how to get started:

3 Tips to Finding Your Best College Environment

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Back to school always brings a rush of adrenaline. New classes and new teachers, new after school activities and new routines fill the calendar. While you’re focused on the newness immediately in front of you, I hope the prospect of college is whispering in your ear. In reality, it probably feels more like a roar. The endless questions mashing together …

Take the Stress Out of Your Visual Art College Search

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Sometimes the college search process can feel like you are lost in a giant maze. How do you stay focused and know which path to take when you can’t get a birds eye view of all the possibilities? The word disconcerting comes to mind. Finding a good college match requires studying numerous options, answering countless questions, and making thoughtful choices. …

CSSSA College Connection Visits Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

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Meet Chuck Chuck Alston attended California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) in 2013 and studied painting. He is currently a freshman at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) in Philadelphia. Growing up in Richmond, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chuck knew from a very young age that art was part of his identity and …

Your College Application Super Power for Artists (and everyone else)

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The college application process can be challenging, but not if you know what your super power is and how to use it. So you know how X-Man Scott Summers — or Cyclops — has these really powerful laser eyes that he can’t control until he puts on those glasses that kind of look like the ones Geordi La Forge from …