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Looking for a platform to showcase your creative work? The Artists’ Platform (TAP) has arrived.

Fresh off of its debut showcase, TAP is ready to pick up the momentum with a jam-packed season of dance, music, literature, and visual art. The best part is… you can join in on the action.  As the name suggests, this LA-based company provides a platform for developing creators of all types including both visual and performing arts. So if you’re an artist in need of an audience or a space to showcase your work, TAP is here to help.

The dynamic founding duo behind TAP are Juli Kim and Rose Chan Loui, who both have personal histories with the arts. Juli is a piano instructor and a Korean classical dancer while Rose studied various arts in her youth before starting a career in non-profits. However, it wasn’t until they were raising the next generation of artists that they noticed a huge need for creative opportunities that had previously been overlooked.

In an artist’s early “training years” opportunities to perform or showcase one’s work can be pretty accessible.  Some schools and art programs even build it into their curriculums. Over an afternoon coffee break we spoke about the challenges that exist for young artists entering the profession.

Rose Chan Loui: “For me what I saw was that you can perform in school”

Juli Kim: “And certainly competitions exist. Even then there is always a need for more and more stage time”

RCL: “But once you get out of that world…”

We laughed. Knowing all too well that feeling of uncertainty that can manifest itself after being dumped into the “real world.” It can be pretty daunting to create work without the resources of your arts education network and peers.

RCL: “Sure, there are jobs that you’re doing, but there also might be work you’re creating yourself or that you’re wanting to express that no one’s paying for—but wish you could share with the world. So that’s what we’re trying to cover. Giving an outlet for that… The mission of the organization really is to support developing artists.”

And this is where it gets really cool. The beauty of TAP is that it fully embraces the breadth of that category.

RCL: “By ‘developing artists’ I don’t necessarily mean young. We feature adult artists well into their careers. [They may be] doing more commercial art or other careers entirely, but [they] have always been artists at heart. So they fall into the developing artist category, too… A lot of people have this artist side to them that they don’t get to dig into. There aren’t a lot of options for them readily available for performance and expression. So that’s what they’re looking to fill.”

This diversity within their artist pool led to the overwhelming success of their first production. Fine art, original compositions, the USC Chamber Orchestra … this show had it all! Juli even performed a Korean dance piece in addition to providing piano accompaniment for several musical acts.

JK: “It was an eclectic showcase. Not just ballet… not just new music… I wanted it to feel like a celebration, a fusion of culture and genre”

RCL: “All the credit for putting together the last program goes to Juli. [There was] such an amazing array of artists and they were so so talented. I confess we kind of just gave that to her and when I showed up for tech and dress rehearsal, I was really blown away.”

Right now, plans are already set in motion for the next TAP production on April 28, 2017 and it promises to be an equally vibrant evening.

JK: “[The show is about] coming together in friendship to promote ‘Unity in Diversity.’ [The venue,] Ari Hall in the Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles, is dance friendly so we will feature mostly dancers.”

Juli then gave me a sneak peak of the line-up for TAP’s April 28th show.

JK: “Paco and Yolanda Arroyo [are working on] a mesmerizing flamenco dance… Julia Schaeffer, a member of Lineage Dance Company [will perform] a delightful modern/ballet work… and Pat Taylor, the artistic director of JazzAntiqua Dance & Music Ensemble, [is presenting a] work of jazz tradition, a viral thread in the culture fabric of African American’s heritage”

On-line reservations for the TAP April 28 performance can be made at:

This dance show may already be in the works, but TAP is still aggregating talent for future projects. With a fundraiser in June and a massive showcase on October 28th, there are still plenty of chances to get involved. The final showcase in particular, is an excellent opportunity for creators looking to hit a lot of eyes. It will be held in the 880-seat Aratani Theater in Little Tokyo. If you would like to feature your work, or simply offer your services as a volunteer, please send all inquiries to “The Artists’ Platform” Facebook page. 

Still need an art fix? Here’s a reel of TAP’s visual artists to entice you to join them.

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