Art + Science Align for Space Artist Estevan Guzman

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Estevan Mykhail Guzman is an artist and animator at the Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles, CA who self-identifies as a “space artist”. With such high interest all over the country in astronomy due to the recent solar eclipse, we wanted to know how he came to have such an usual job and what got him into this line of creative …

Awesome Artist Holiday Gifts From Design Studio Press

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Special Artzray Discount Offer – Save 20% on Design Studio Press purchases. “Our mission is to feature and partner directly with artists.” If you want to improve your skills and learn about drawing, illustration, concept art, mech, character and transportation design, sci-fi and fantasy – Design Studio Press has it all with over 70 titles to choose from, plus prints and …

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Along the Way with Concept Artist Eliott Lilly

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Eliott Lilly gets personal. 1. What was your first job? I’ve had a lot of first jobs over the years. When I was 13 years old I started a cleaning service in my neighborhood. That job grew into a much larger business and by the time I stopped working on it (4 years later to focus on school and my …