Just Leave Me Alone It’s Winter Break!

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A Winter Break To-Do List for High School Visual Artists. Here’s a December dilemma: Winter break is just around the corner. That long-awaited time to relax is almost here. Ideally you can sleep in, hang out with friends, spend time shopping, or just chill to Adele’s latest. Time for a well deserved respite from your responsibilities, right? Yes, and no. …

Planning Your Art Portfolio – It’s Never Too Early

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Art Portfolio. The words alone sound intimidating. And they should, it’s one of those make or break parts of your college application. So when building yours, make sure it clearly represents your skills, passions, and your singular perspective. To do so requires creating, planning, and research. No pressure. Here’s how to get started:

3 Ways To Know What College Admissions Are (Really) Trying to Tell You

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College Admissions for Performing and Visual Arts Students by the CSSSA Foundation Bridge to College Program. Imagine you are at the beach and start to wade out into the ocean. You get about waist deep and notice a huge wave coming toward you. What do you do? You take a deep breath and dive into the wave. Well, that is …

Top 5 Tips for Portfolio Reviews

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If you’re a student thinking about applying to art school, it’s that time of year: portfolio reviews. Whether you are going to a college fair or having an admissions appointment at a school, you will need to bring a portfolio of artwork to show to the admissions representative. As Education Manager at Ryman Arts I’ve overseen ten years of college fairs, …