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g_r_splash_standingGlynnis Reed is a fine artist, working in photography, digital collage, mixed media collage, and painting. She shares some thoughts about what she has learned along the way in her career. You can read her full bio and find more examples of her art work on her web site at GLYNNIS REED

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No matter how hard it seems or what opposition you face, it is always worth it to believe in yourself as an artist and to keep creating and sharing your art with the world. It’s your dream and sometimes it’s the most important thing you’ve got.

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It’s important to release the unique vantage point you have of the world through your art – don’t be afraid to put it all out there and take risks creatively, even if you never share that work publicly. It is a part of developing and refining your artistic voice.

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Stay close to those who are your biggest supporters and accept their help when offered – which they may express in large ways and small. My supporters have been teachers, professors, bosses, friends, and most importantly my family.

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Glynnis Reed will be featured in group exhibit this month at saltfineart in Laguna, CA. More information here: RAWsalt, in support of Ryman Arts presents BACK TO SCHOOL, a juried exhibition open exclusively to Ryman Arts Alumni that will open September 12, 2015.

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