Artzray.com was an on-line community dedicated to building career pathways in the arts for emerging young artists aged 16 to 24. From 2014-2017 the website posted weekly content totaling 300+ articles including artist profiles, “how to” stories, tips of the trade, and college and art school admission features.


Founded in Southern California, Artzray was a sophisticated, free “e-zine” featuring shareable videos and articles that provided high quality career and educational information for those exploring professional and creative opportunities in fine art, digital media, design, and the performing arts. The free, mobile-friendly website served as a digital road map to connect the dots between an artist’s creative practice and their professional goals. The stories included professional, personal, and practical information written by and for young artists, as well as by experienced arts mentors in the field. The Artzray tagline was your “GPS system to navigate a career in the arts from high school to college and beyond.”

The vision behind Artzray was to create a powerful and informed network of teens, young adults, parents, and mentors whose social and professional networking needs are often under served. Unlike careers in law or medicine, an artist’s career path is often non-linear, requiring special guidance to move through it successfully. Artzray provided a tool and resources to young creatives, and the schools and industries who serve them. It’s readers and writers were part of a wave of talent in the mid-2010s who drove innovation in art and design, music, dance, theater, film, writing, fashion, and entertainment.

While no longer publishing, Artzray still maintains a social media presence on Facebook Instagram and YouTube.

Marshall Nalle Ayers, Founder and CEO

Deeply versed in arts education and non-profit administration, Marshall founded Artzray to create a community of young, multidisciplinary artists seeking professional, practical, and personal career resources. Marshall worked in K-12 program development and administration across multiple art forms, with leadership roles in strategic planning, community partnerships, event management, communications and fund development in public, private and non-profit settings. Artzray was a passion project that brought together her colleagues, former students and friends who shared her devotion to the arts and young people.

Stephen O’Bryan, Web Design

Jacqueline Ableson

Tara Aes
Glenna Avila

Savanah Barker

Josh Berg

Deb Beyer

Deborah Brockus

Kat Chevalier
Andrea Davis

Sally Deng

Brennan Dignan
Kimberly Duran

Drew Alexander Forde

Jeri Gaile
Christine Griswold
Samantha Jacobs

Olivia Jones
Charlie Kennedy

Heidi Kershaw

Samantha Loui

Emily Mahon

Connie Martinez

Marco Menendez
Ben Muller
Elaine Pelz
Sylvie Ramirez

Avila Santo

Benita Scheckel
Camille Schenkkan

Leslie Scott

Sergy Sus

Barbara Thomason

Jonathon Tobin

Rebecca Tuynman
Christine Witmer

Laura Young

Stories from the Stream Video Series

Matt Horn, Editor, Marisa Reisel, Host

Artzray Sponsors

The Armory Center for the Arts, “Get a Life in the Arts” series.

California State Summer School for the Arts, “Bridge to College” series.

Custom branded content was created by Artzray for sponsors designed to attract young talent in the fields of art and design, music, dance, theater, film, writing, fashion, and entertainment.


“At the CSSSA Foundation, our monthly Artzray features have really extended our reach. Artzray is a focused and effective platform for us and has brought greater visibility and awareness to our programs.   We are getting “new eyes” on our content and attracting new students who have not heard of CSSSA before. We are also finding that featuring our alumni have brought them back to CSSSA and re-engaged them in our work.”

  • Peggie Burt, Former Executive Director, California State Summer School Arts Foundation

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Marshall Ayers
Arts education specialist with 25+ years experience in non-profit organizations and public educational settings. Marshall founded Artzray to create a community of young, multidisciplinary artists who are seeking professional, practical and personal career resources. Marshall lives and works in LA with her family, but hails from the east coast. When she's not working on Artzray, she would rather be sailing, reading or listening to her son play cello.
Marshall Ayers

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