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Drew Alexander FDrew Alexander- That Viola Kid - thatviolakidorde is ThatViolaKid, also known as TVK. He is a violist and graduate student at the acclaimed Juilliard School in New York. Ask TVK is a new Artzray collaboration with Drew. ThatViolaKid shares his positive and passionate message to educate, share and immerse audiences in classical music! Drew does this through interactive performance and social media. Got a question about music? Want to know how to handle an audition? Feeling discouraged about next steps in your musical career? This is a great place to start to get on track! Ask TVK!

Want to know what to do? Ask TVK!

In a world where traditional music education isn’t always valued, ThatViolaKid is bridging the gap between Classical Music and Pop Culture. Through performances of music old and new, TVK is out to show people why music of all types matter. That Viola Kid and Artzray are out to show young artists of all types that a life in the arts matter. Follow TVK on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube!

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Drew Alexander- That Viola Kid - thatviolakid


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