8 Best Halloween Costumes for Art Majors


All Hallow’s Eve should be renamed All Artist’s Eve. Halloween, a holiday known for spooky themes and tricks and treats is also the perfect time to showcase artistic ability. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to decorate your houses or to carve some creative pumpkins, but there is also the opportunity to transform yourself into whatever you want. You can go as something scary, something funny or even something you just simply love. For those of you who don’t yet know how to hone your creative and artistic skills for Halloween, here are some suggestions for costumes.

1. Jackson Pollack Halloween Costume

Just wear an all-white ensemble and splatter paint all over yourself. It’s fun and easy, and you’ll have automatic appreciation and respect for anyone who automatically understands your art reference.

2. Radiohead Halloween Costume

You can use cardboard, plastic, a real radio, etc., but you’ll get bonus points with pun-lovers with this costume. Make a radio any way you’d like and wear it on your head. You won’t be a “creep,” you’ll just be very clever.

3. A Painting Halloween Costume

All you really need is a frame and some paint (non-toxic of course). You can paint yourself as Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh or any artist you want. You can even just paint your face for fun and it will still classify as a painting. If you can dedicate yourself to holding a frame around your head for a night then you’ll have a successful costume.

4. The Son of Man Halloween Costume

You just need three items: a trenchcoat, a bowler hat and an apple. Artists and appreciators of art alike will appreciate this reference and tribute to Magritte’s famous painting.

5. Bob Ross Halloween Costume

This is perfect for any art students or lovers with beards, but if you’re not rocking the facial hair, don’t fret. You can always draw one on or create a makeshift one. Carry an easel, a paintbrush and a canvas with you and continually talk about the joy of painting.

6. American Gothic Halloween Costume

Thiscostume will be perfect for an art-appreciating duo. You can carry a frame around with you for bonus points, but it’s not necessary. What is necessary is a pitchfork (please handle with caution), an apron, some denim overalls and your best stern facial expressions. If you’re really committed you’ll go for respective middle part and combover as well.

7. A Camera Halloween Costume

Instead of going as a literal piece of art, you can also dress as a tool that creates art. There are different levels of commitment available here. You can go as a full, functional Nikon, a more basic camera made out of cardboard or even a tribute to Instagram. You can see some examples of construction here.

8. Your Favorite Piece of Art Halloween Costume

Whether you want to go as Klimt’s “The Kiss” with a partner, go as a self-portrait, attempt to be a modern Mona Lisa or paint yourself as Pop Art, the advantage of celebrating Halloween as an artist is that the possibilities are virtually endless. Celebrate your favorite art and your own talent this October 31st.

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