Daydreaming With Indie Folk Singer Juliet Piper

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Juliet Piper was destined to become a musician.

Born into a musical family in Los Angeles, Juliet has been writing songs, singing and playing instruments including guitar and piano for as long as she could remember. In 2009, Juliet released 5 acclaimed EPs, then in 2010 she received her first major radio support from Rodney Bingenheimer at KROQ and Jim Nelson at KCSN. After graduating from UCLA in 2014 with a major in World Arts and Cultures with a minor in Performing Arts Education, Juliet teamed up with local musicians Jasper Yangchareon (lead guitar), Carmen Vizuette (bass) and Aaron Wittman (drums) to form the Indie Folk band, Juliet Piper and The Daydream. I was able to chat with Juliet at Make Music Pasadena in June, a free outside festival in Pasadena, California where Juliet’s band was playing on the Main Stage. As she guided me through her experience as a singer-songwriter as well as the best pieces of advice she has for young musicians, Juliet’s exhilarated and exciting voice was proof that she had  come a long way to become the musician she’s always wanted to be. (Featured photo of Juliet Piper, by Amanda Adam)

As a band how did you get your start?

I’ve been a solo artist for seven years and I met my other band members, Jasper Yangchareon, Carmen Vizuette and Aaron Wittman back in July of 2014. It was really just a matter of finding fun, talented, and awesome musicians who were excited to play my original songs. They were all good friends and had worked together before. When I first met them we instantly clicked, and it was magical how it all fell into place.

What Would Be Your Best Tip For Musicians Who Are Trying to Break Into The Music Industry?

The most honest advice I can give is this: Don’t settle for pay-to-play gigs. There are a lot of opportunities where the venues are not holding you accountable to bring 300 people. So just keep looking, because if you have to pay $200 dollars to play on Sunset Strip then what’s the point? They should be paying you! I would also say that it’s also important to keep moving forward, as simple as that sounds. Because you don’t know if it’s going to work out or not. It’s a really unpredictable career path, but it definitely won’t work out if you stop.

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What’s your favorite thing about playing in front of a live audience?

I feel most like myself on stage. It’s so fun connecting with a crowd and of course sharing the high-energy experience with my bandmates. We all get very excited when we’re getting ready to perform.

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Juliet Piper and The Daydream is currently gigging throughout Los Angeles. Best known for her songs “1904” and “Better Now,” Juliet’s magical aesthetic and poetic lyrics give hope to aspiring musicians and non-musicians alike. “Maybe I’m free . . . Maybe it’s not what they said it’d be . . . But maybe this is better now.” 

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