How Do You Stay Motivated When Learning An Instrument? Ask TVK

How do you stay motivated when learning an instrument? Did you just start a learning an instrument? Are you having trouble staying motivated? Are you frustrated with your slow progress? Ask TVK!


Drew Alexander Forde is ThatViolaKid, aka, TVK. Drew and Artzray are collaborating to try and answer a bunch of questions that he and other young artists get asked all the time. That’s how this series “Ask TVK” was born.

Drew is living his life as a musician and pursuing a graduate degree at Juilliard. He wants to reach out to other young artists who are working through these same questions, one week, one question at a time.

This week Drew addresses the common feelings of frustration and discouragement that all young musicians face as they tackle the technical challenges of learning an instrument.


 “Do not compare yourself with other people – EVER!”

Drew has this topic covered. Setting achievable goals, seeking out inspiration, and having fun are all part of learning a new instrument. True words for learning almost everything. Try not to find fault with yourself and say that everyone is better than you are. Don’t sabotage yourself by comparing yourself to others – as Drew says “there will always be someone better.” Be your best and put in the work. Rewards will follow. The trick to staying motivated is to be persistent, but to also be patient with yourself!

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