Why Study Music Instead of Business? Ask TVK

Drew Alexander- That Viola Kid - thatviolakid

The age old question of “Why music? Why not study business and get paid?” is answered by the one and only Drew Alexander Forde. Drew is ThatViolaKid, aka, TVK. Drew and Artzray are collaborating to try and answer a bunch of questions that he and other young artists get asked all the time. That’s how this series “Ask TVK” was born.

Drew is living his life as a musician and pursuing a graduate degree at Juilliard. He wants to reach out to other young artists who are working through these same questions, one week, one question at a time.

This week Drew answers the question that almost every musician (and parents of a music student) must ask (or whisper) to themselves when they think that no one is listening.

Why Study Music Instead of Business?

“First of all, music IS a business.”

Sometimes it seems like choosing a career in the arts isn’t practical. Parents get worried about their kids future and want them to have a good solid career with stable employment that will carry them through their adult lives. In this video That Viola Kid discusses why pursuing music and business are not mutually exclusive by dispelling some misconceptions and presenting life from a musicians point of view. Careers in music are diverse and varied from teaching to performing to producing. What Can You Do With A Music Degree? is a good article to check out on this topic.
In a world where traditional music education isn’t always valued, ThatViolaKid is bridging the gap between Classical Music and Pop Culture. Through performances of music old and new, TVK is out to show people why music of all types matter. That Viola Kid and Artzray are out to show young artists of all types that a life in the arts matter. Follow TVK on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube!

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Drew Alexander- That Viola Kid - thatviolakid

He is a violist and graduate student at the acclaimed Juilliard School in New York. ThatViolaKid shares his positive and passionate message to educate, share and immerse audiences in classical music! Drew does this through interactive performance and social media. Got a question about music? Want to know how to handle an audition? Feeling discouraged about next steps in your musical career? This is a great place to start to get on track! Ask TVK!

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